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The Testori winery extends to an area of almost 62 acres of vineyard, located in commanding position in the heart of the Oltrepo Pavese.

A long history of tradition, patience and care is found in the quality of the wine produced by Quinto and Pietro Testori before and Danilo today.

Combining modern technologies with a profound respect for the environment, Danilo and his wife, Alessandra, devote themselves, with great passion and abnegation, to the management of their company, improving continuously the ways of cultivation and using only biological fertilizers.

Every phase in the production of their wines, as well as in their presentation to more and more exacting customers follows a precise work plan dictated by experience,
knowledge and competence.
Love for vineyards and passion for wine, this is the first farm’s rule.


Azienda Agricola Testori Quinto e Pietro di Testori Danilo - Vini e Spumanti Oltrepo Pavese
Fraz. Torrazza, 26 - 27047 Santa Maria della Versa (PV) - Italy
Tel. +39.0385.79270 - Fax +39.0385.278763 - info@testorivini.it

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